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Security Awareness Training

5pm-7pm Thursday 8th December 2022 

Haven Community Hub, Hamlet Court Road Westcliff-on-Sea SS0 7LW

Tickets £5 each (£3 for Westcliff Partnership members)

Tickets not sold by Thursday 1st December will be offered to the wider Southend area.

Security Awareness Training for Westcliff Businesses & Residents 

This two hour event will help address the concerns of businesses and residents trying to deal with anti-social behaviour by:

a) Improving your awareness of suspicious and potentially criminal activity and learning what to do about it. 

This accredited training (ACT) will be delivered by Emlyn Williams of Citadel-UK.

The Action Counters Terrorism awareness e-learning is a course for all UK based companies, organisations and individuals. What you will learn about hostile reconnaissance is not just applicable to terrorism but in fact any form of crime from shop lifting to vandalism.

b) Finding out what support services are available for Businesses & Residents to encourage closer co-operation and improve everyone's safety and security. 

The display of resources from this sector will include Essex Police, the Community Safety Unit, Private Security and Community Groups dealing with both victims and perpetrators of crime & anti-social behaviour.

Note: If you work in the security sector and need to refresh your ACT Training this could be a good time to do this.


c) There will be a further opportunity for businesses to register for Shopwatch (free)

Shopwatch is a community-based crime prevention scheme that promotes communication between retailers and local police to reduce crime. 


Objectives of Shopwatch:

i) To tackle and prevent retail crime and anti-social behaviour through effective communication and the prompt reporting of retail crime, anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.

ii) To promote a sense of security for customers and staff.

iii) To improve police/licensee liaison by providing effective communications through Two-Way Radio and dedicated online services such as ShopwatchOnline.


Shopwatch schemes vary in size and are headed by a coordinator and meet as a group on a regular basis to discuss problems that have occurred on or near retail premises. Although Shopwatch schemes are supported by police who can offer help and advice, it must be recognised that the scheme is not run by police


Shopwatch schemes operate within cities, towns, and villages across the UK. They are most effective when they are run locally by the members themselves and all retailers within an area are members, keeping in regular contact.


d) Join 'Loving My Neighbourhood' project (free)


This involves 4 free resources plus ideally 2 that need funding: 


i. Sign up free to an ECO Campaign to reduce plastic waste and work towards Net Zero.(Eliminating much of our litter at the same time!)


ii. Use existing council ward maps, to work with your immediate neighbourhood (districts of about 5 streets marked in purple).


iii. Sign up free to Neighbourhood Watch (Crime Prevention, building Community Networks, Improving Environment and Improving Wellbeing). 


iv. Use existing free software, with your neighbourhood watch group to create your own story of where you live, what you've improved, using images, text & spoken word. 


v. Funding needed for a creative/photography workshop to help residents research and develop ideas then pass on to their own district NHW group, to create their final audio tour. 


vi. Funding of £1000 prize money for the most improved district to spend for example, on a community garden. Include whole community, especially those normally sidelined, such as ex/homeless or ex-prisoners. 


Ask others eg Make Southend Sparkle plus businesses such as Dulux, Travis Perkins etc to sponsor with refreshments, building materials, painting and gardening materials.


The Co-op Wellbeing INDEX for Westcliff revealed some telling statistics :


Relationships & Trust                  -Score 15 (National Average 52)

Housing, Space & Environment  -Score 37 (National Average 52)

Economy, Work & Employment   -Score 58  (National Average 57)

Culture, Heritage & Leisure         -Score 81  (National Average 52)

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