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What do you like about living in Westcliff?

I love Westcliff because -

*       the population is diverse and friendly

*       the parks and gardens are beautiful

*       our stretch of beach and sea-front is a joy

*       there is a good choice of shops

*       we have two brilliant theatres and excellent amateur drama groups

*       we have many opportunities to make music, to sing and to dance

*       youth groups, Scouting and Guiding are active

*       the Hub in Hamlet Court Road is fast becoming a lively meeting place for all ages

*       there are motivated groups working hard to make all these advantages even better

by Morag Gregson, joint winner of our 'Where's Westcliff?' competition, held at the Hamlet Court Road in Harmony 



Do you want to do more to fight Climate Change?

Would you like to see more local buildings put back in to use?

Are there things you'd like to see improved?

Join the Westcliff Partnership so we can achieve more together


Westcliff Partner 1 (Individual £10 per year) The whole community working together

i)   Access Member pages to share ideas & stay in touch

ii)  Implement ideas through group & individual activities

iii) Receive monthly Newsletter via email (or by post for offline members)

Business, Community and Sponsor membership options plus our special offer for lifetime membership is available here


After making a donation please send us 1-3 photos and a description of your residential area, favourite locations, community group or things you want to improve in Westcliff-on-Sea to  then we'll publish them on this page 

Walking Guide to Westcliff-on-Sea

which buildings, open spaces and other features would you include 

in an online, printed or audio guide to our town?

The Westcliff Partnership  - aiming to improve the

Wellbeing  Appearance  Safety  Social Connection  Economic Viability  Sustainability

of Westcliff-on-Sea

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