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WESTCLIFF Event Ideas 2022

When talking to Westcliff businesses many said

‘There ought to be some events in Westcliff’ 

Leading into Autumn and Christmas: 

HCR/Westcliff businesses could put on a few smaller events as the festival has been cancelled. 

Halloween Event Monday 31st October

32 Rumbling Tum, 54 Hamlet Court

Kay suggested Rosey Lea 137 & Foundry at 151


Below are some other suggestions:

If any of them appeal to you just suggest a time, place & theme and leave your name, business & contact. Also give feedback to others’ ideas. When 2 or more businesses are ready to start the event, let us know and we will help you promote it. State if you welcome more traders to join in.


Look at what is already planned for Southend and perhaps you can add a Westcliff version to their event. Think ahead for news coverage, allowing a week’s notice for the Echo, and two weeks for the Leigh & Westcliff Times. (editions out Mon 8 Aug, 22 Aug, 5 Sept etc)


SUGGESTIONS: It only takes one person to start something, others will join in!


A Westcliff Festival of Food:

Each week during the Summer Holidays, a different culture focus picked from:

African, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish. As well as Food, could include Dance, Art, Costume etc


Something linked to ‘…loving my neighbourhood’ perhaps? (see separate pages) such as the Community Safety Charter, improving the look of the roads near your business, working with your customers & residents on a project?


Share this post with your colleagues, family & friends to agree a week you’d like to promote your culture, with special offers, activities and information. You pick the dates: first come first served. The Westcliff Partnership will promote this on our website and Facebook page.

All we ask is that you sign up to the NHW Community Safety Charter and join us as a member from just £10

Sat 12 Nov - Fri 18 Nov

Sat 19 Nov - Fri 25 Nov

Sat 26 Nov - Fri 2 Dec

Sat  3 Dec -  Fri 9 Dec

Sat 10 Dec - Fri 16 Dec

Sat 17 Dec - Fri 23 Dec



Perhaps some joint ventures with two or more shops combining their offer? 


A Fashion Show, incorporating ladies, mens and childrens clothing, shoes, jewellery, hairstyling, with music, plants & flowers plus staging/art/photography, using the images & video for later promotions.


Life Drawing Classes, modelling your latest clothes etc set in Clothing shop eg D’Marie with music, drink & nibbles.



Community Safety Charter


More detailed page on WP website


Add much of stuff on NHW, Green Issues & Flytipping Documents

Includes all WP aims: Wellbeing  Appearance  Safety  Social Connection  Economic Viability  Sustainability The impact survey enables Neighbourhood Watch to demonstrate the impact that their activity has in their local area.

Drilling Down: a NHW in every district


Eg Westborough Blues, Reds etc: encourage competition: best kept street. M S Sparkle?


The five British Values are:


The rule of law

Individual liberty

Mutual respect

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs


We're adding photos of places to be proud of in each of our seven wards that cover parts of Westcliff:

Would be lovely to receive photos from Westcliff residents which we can add to the website too! 

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