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A BID for Westcliff-on-Sea?

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Westcliff Village at West Road junction


Past Projects 2020-2022

Notes from the Westcliff BID talk August 2022

Ways of Working Together

Event Ideas for Westcliff 

Safe Clean & Green





A Business Improvement District (BID)

is a defined geographical area 


Within the area businesses vote to pay an additional amount so that services can be provided that they, as a group, want to have 


This money is paid  by businesses through a levy which is normally applied using the rateable value of their commercial premises  


A BID company has a maximum of five years before they have to return to their group in order to ask if they want the BID to continue

BIDs succeed because they are focused, entrepreneurial, cost efficient and provide a powerful and fast response to business needs


They are not a replacement for local authority and police services, but provide an additional resource 


There are now over 320 BIDs in operation across the UK including Newcastle, Swansea, Nottingham, Brighton, Liverpool, Edinburgh and several in London  

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