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Generosity Bank is a platform that connects small business owners with professionals for free support and advice. 
As a small business owner there are many areas you are expected to navigate without any previous experience or knowledge. Whether that’s social media, HR, IT or something else. If you need help, pointing in the right direction or just want to ask the opinion of someone experienced, you can do so through the Generosity Bank platform. Just register as an organisation at and from your profile create a Placement with the details of the help you need. From there anyone with the relevant experience who is willing to help will get in touch with you. Simple!
You can also register as a volunteer to share your expertise with other small business owners in the areas that you are knowledgeable. Everyone has something they can share!
The platform is completely free to use.


Here are what other small businesses have had to say about Generosity Bank: 

“Anne has been very helpful and has provided us with some good ideas and recommendations for our LinkedIn company page. We have already implemented many of Anne's recommendations. Generosity Bank has been of immense help to us.”
From-To Translation Services

“Generosity Bank gave us the opportunity to participate in a fascinating workshop on sustainability which, given the nature of our business, is something we are very interested in. We are very grateful for the support Generosity Bank provides to small businesses like us.”
The Rugged Outdoors

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