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We want to be proactive with any empty shops in Westcliff, helping them back into use as soon as possible. We aim to work with Business Owners, Landlords, Councillors and Estate Agents where possible, as well as listening to the views of Residents and Community Groups

Find out about possible ways to Repurpose Buildings for our Community

Below are some other strategies that can be helpful:

Interested in helping or finding out more? Please email

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FOR SALE      


105 First Line Loans

111 Crème 

160 Mertens Meats 

209/211 Prev Barclays

Help keep this page up to date by letting us know of any changes to businesses in Westcliff-on-Sea

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Encouraging the businesses we want to come to Westcliff to ensure we have a full range of quality shops


What new shops or services would you like to see in Westcliff-on-Sea?

Delicatessen? Butchers?

Repair, Reuse & Refill shop?

Skills Hub? Market? ....?

We can promote any business opportunities on Social Media


Keep it Clean

If shops have been shut for a while and are looking a bit scruffy, we often write to the landlord via the estate agents or council to ask them to clean the windows and sometimes this is successful. The landlord of Nos 209/211 kindly arranged this clean within a week, complete with blue sky and no rain! 

HCR Blockbusters_LYONS.jpg

Full of Potential

Sometimes there are long term business closures such as Blockbusters Corner 358-364 London Rd, Westcliff-on-Sea, SS0 7HZ 


There is no apparent agent dealing with any sale, so the council was the only hope of contact with the landlord. This is often a long ongoing process, but with their support, can yield results eventually.

In May 2021 a Section 215 Notice was served on the owner, who has recently overseen some emergency repairs. We do not know what the long term plans are for the building yet.


What would you like to see at this prominent corner of Hamlet Court Road and London Road?

Please email

or join the conversation on HCRS Facebook page

Calling all Landlords

The success of our high streets involves all parties, including landlords. Many of those who are business owners do engage with other stakeholders in the area.


We aim to involve all landlords including those who do not live locally. In March 2021 we delivered our newsletter plus this business card to every business owner, manager and staff. An additional letter and  card was provided to business owners to pass on to their landlord so they could stay in touch.

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