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Businesses working with Schools

Businesses are experiencing skilled labour shortages in all sectors with some recruitment agencies struggling to cope with demand

Colleagues at Work

A good way of giving young people an insight into careers they might not normally consider?

1) Open Days

2) Training Days

3) Work Experience

4) Work Placement

Men at Work

  • There has been significant increase in businesses looking to invest/expand their premises, seeking finance/grants support

  • There has been an increase in request to improve leadership and management skills. Adapting with Digital and Starting Business Successfully programmes from SELEP prove popular in Essex

  • Rising costs (i.e. fuel, raw material, tax) and post EU transition issues (i.e.EU VAT, supply chain, employment) are hitting the bottom lines and causing cashflow issues. 

  • There has been an increase in enquires from ‘green’ businesses to improve their marketing and branding so to expand/grow and maximise on the net zero agenda as local authorities are ramping up activities in this area.

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